Your Realtor's Role

There is still confusion as to what real estate agents can do for you and where do you start. I found a very good article about Realtor® role especially on today’s market and make sure you are working with one and not just a real estate agent.  What’s the difference? Not everyone with a real estate license is a Realtor®. They have to be a member of the National Association of Realtors® and bound by stricter education requirements than the law requires and not only by that law but by the higher standards of the Realtor® Code of ethics.

Your Realtor® is committed to protecting your interests throughout the entire transaction with integrity, honor, professionalism and expertise that meets the high standard set by the Realtor® name whether you are a seller or a buyer.  They have access to more and more sophisticated tools to help sellers market their properties to the right target market, help buyers find just the right home and make the entire process run smoothly.  They are not just expert but also a trusted advisor who can help you navigate the complex process of home selling and home buying.

If you are selling, some of the important roles of a Realtor® include: going over with the market condition and set a fair market value price for your property based on comparables in the neighborhood as to size, number of rooms, conditions etc.  They use most forms of modern media to market your property including Multiple Listing System, famous websites like Zillow, Trulia  etc including social media.  Preparation and staging your home will most likely give you the best $$$ you are looking for; then the photo shoot and video that are crucial in marketing your home. They also coordinate inspection, appraisal and the whole nine yards including coordinating with the title company, loan officers and all parties involve in the transaction.   Negotiating expertise is a must especially the buyer and the seller are not in coordination with some terms and there are some roadblocks that could delay the closing or void the whole transaction.  It is every Realtor®’s goal to reach a smooth and problem-free closing.

If you are buying and you do not have applied for a loan, most Realtors®  have trusted loan officers that they work for years.  That is your best options as there is already a connection of good working relationships.  The loan officer will help you determine how much you can afford, explain financing options and help you find the right loan.  Once you are approved, it is time to look for your dream home.  Realtors® will assist you in home search  through MLS and other websites.  Provide you with good data about the property and pull comparables making sure the price are right, provide negotiating expertise  and help resolve any issues that could delay closing.  They also coordinate with appraisal and other issues including lender requirements.  Explain inspections necessary, homeowners association, earnest money, escrow and a lot more that are usually been heard first time especially with first time homebuyers.  Both you and your agent will do the walk through making sure the house is still in good condition the first time you see it and interested to purchase.

Realtors® roles are not limited to those that are mentioned above.  It is more than that and we always go above and beyond of the job description.  Most of the time it becomes a long lasting relationship for years and resulted in referring to your friends and families especially if we exceed the clients’ expectations.


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