Pwede po ba akong magsulat ng column sa Manila Mail about Real Estate, kasi po many of our kababayans are having difficulties with the present real estate situations.  Yung column ko po might help them. (Can I write a column in Manila Mail about Real Estate given the present market situation so that would help our fellow Filipinos)?  That was my first conversation with Tito Bert when I decided to write for Manila Mail at the height of Real Estate market chaos.  It was sometimes in Sept. of 2008, right after I quit my full time job and ready to do full time business of my own.

I submitted my first article and I passed Tito Bert’s standards.  From that time, I have to spend at least two hours twice a month to submit my article even when I’m on vacation.  I missed some issues due to internet access problems when I was overseas.  I tried my best not to miss any issue believe me.  From that time, a lot of Filipinos call me asking questions from simple to complex issues requesting assistance on their buying, selling and short sales transactions.  Some of them became my friends and constant contacts when it comes to real estate.  I offered my services whether it leads to a sale or buy or just simple inquiry.  I got questions like how much do I charge per hour and they thought I’m a lawyer.  I honestly tell them, I will provide my service with the goal of helping them decide what’s best based on their situations.  I am true to my business slogan “It’s not just all about the number; it’s about helping people.”  I am so vocal with Tito Bert thanking him for the opportunity and trust he gave me from that time until today.  

I met a lot of people, talked to a lot of people reading my column; became my clients and they multiply from there.  From their friends to families, colleagues, friends of their friends and the list go on and on. I should say, 90% of my clients were from people reading Manila Mail and I owe mostly everything how my business became because of Manila Mail.  The best decision I made was to turn my business into more on a consulting service than just merely buying and selling; which most people are trying to get away with.  When the market crashed early 2007, I worked mostly short sales and witnessed the hardships most of our kababayans were experiencing.  It melted my heart and promised myself to help them.  Their homes being foreclosed, harassment from the lenders and they have nobody to turn to.  I attended classes about short sales at my own expense so they can rely on me.  With the uncertainties of getting paid by the bank after three to even after 12 months of working so the short sales will go through and the debt will be forgiven, my main concern is to help these homeowners get through the hardships and get back on their feet.  Most of them I was able to get relocation assistance.  All my short sales went through except for a couple cases that I felt I was being used to delay the foreclosures and not paying for over a year then ended up not wanting to sign for the short sale agreement.  There were many times, I’ve been through Courthouse stopping the auction, Attorney’s office to settle liens, talking to lawyers on bankruptcy discharges.  These are out of my scope but in my mind, nobody can do this for them for free.  With my hard work, submitting three to five inches thick of documents; banks agreed with all my proposed settlements and terms for the homeowners and the bonus was; they were willing to pay me thank GOD!!!  That was the time I took a year off from writing my column.  A lot on my plate and writing had to be on the back seat at that time. 

It was a roller coaster ride and I hang in there.  I’m a firm believer that you have to do good deeds no matter what.  That was the utmost pride of my career; in times of trouble, I was able to help a lot of our kababayans!!  I still have some short sale cases until this time and continue negotiating for our people.  I just learned that it is not all that good.  There were some of my clients were back on their feet and were able to buy homes after three years of short sales.  Your guess is wrong; they did not choose me as their Realtor ® at their good times.  Seems like they forgot about me.  I just continue what I’m doing best to provide services in all real estate transactions.  I want them to know that there are honest and sincere Realtors ® that money is not their number one priority but to provide best services for them.

I worked closely now with Rodney Jaleco on my column and I admire these two gentlemen; Tito Bert Alfaro and Rodney Jaleco for their sincere dedication in putting up the Manila Mail twice a month with nothing in return except to be of service to our Kababayans.  To Tito Bert for giving me the opportunity and Manila Mail, his baby and is now 25 years old!!  To our readers and our fans  who wait every 15th and 30th for the copies in Filipino stores.  Through the years, you have proven “It’s not just all about the number; it’s about helping people.”  Maraming Maraming Salamat Po sa Inyo!!!

Note:  Jocelyn Porteria is a Realtor® licensed in VA. Top Producer of Fairfax Realty and earning Five-Star Reviews from her clients. She is a Certified Expert Negotiator and also earned a designation as an Accredited Staging Professional; ABR, Accredited Buyer’s Specialist; CDPE Certified Distressed Property and Short Sale Expert, For more info, visit her website at and on Facebook  Call her at 571-432-8335 or email at  for free confidential consultations. 

"It's not just all about numbers; it's about helping people"

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