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Your Realtor's Role

There is still confusion as to what real estate agents can do for you and where do you start. I found a very good article about Realtor® role especially on today’s market and make sure you are working with one and not just a real estate agent.   What’s the difference? Not everyone with a real estate license is a Realtor®. They have to be a member of the National Association of Realtors® and bound by stricter education requirements than the law requires and not only by that law but by the higher standards of the Realtor® Code of ethics. Your Realtor® is committed to protecting your interests throughout the entire transaction with integrity, honor, professionalism and expertise that meets the high standard set by the Realtor® name whether you are a seller or a buyer.   They have access to more and more sophisticated tools to help sellers market their properties to the right target market, help buyers find just the right home and make the entire process run smoothly.   They are n