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"OH NO!"

I just sold six properties this month; one rented and two contracts on the way. Don’t get me wrong, it is not a walk in the park as each transaction in real estate has its own character. (A nice word for “dilemma”). Let’s be realistic here: selling and buying a home is a complicated process by itself. It involves a team of professionals and multiple processes both legal and financial, not counting the emotions of both buyers and sellers. In my 10 years’ experience, I can only count with my fingers the “easy” ones or any that went smoothly. Most of the issues were beyond my control. With years of experiences, I learned how to unlock the difficulties before they get in the door before me. Here are ways to avoid these bumps or at least minimize them through the whole process. And yes, you are a big part of home buying and selling success. First: Hire professionals!! Do not sell or buy your homes on your own unless you are a real estate agent yourself. If you are a seller; you might