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SOLD YOUR HOUSE IN SHORT SALE ? I’M BACK!!! I know you missed me; I mean my column but here I am providing you with updated information in Real Estate once again.  It’s been a while and changes have been overwhelming but don’t worry, I’m here by your side.  Let’s start with homeowners whom under unfortunate circumstances sold their homes through short sales.  Are you or any of your friends and families one of those? It’s time to rise and shine!!  I’m sure now you moved on by renting for a while.  Well, it’s time to buy again.  This has been a part of my plan when my clients did short sales.  I told them before; short sale is something that is not under your control, maintain a good credit history and report; in three years, we will meet again on a brighter side of your life.  After two years of short sales, you may want to start filing your documents together and start planning.  Look at your credit scores and history making sure nothing derogatory on your records for the last