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First-Time-Home-Buyer-Programs are not just for first time home buyers. You too can be qualified. Read on:

“ We do not have money for down payment ” Yes I get that a lot from buyers who were qualified for a loan but just do not have the funds in hand for a down payment or closing costs. Don’t panic, there are programs out there and in fact I’ve closed a lot of transactions where my buyer didn’t need to put a single centavo on the table and was still able to pay off one year HOA/Condo fees. Sounds too-good- to-be- true? Yes but it’s true, considering seller pitched in on closing costs. The Law of Equilibrium of course applies in one way or the other. Let’s face it, conventional loans require from five percent to 20 percent downpayment. Not all qualified buyers have that money in hand. An average home of $300,000 requires $15,000 down payment for example and about three percent closing cost or $9,000. We are talking $24,000 there; that’s a lot of money for most people who’re just starting. It does not mean if you do not have that, you cannot pursue buying a house. There are programs fo