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SUBMITTING AN OFFER Finally!!! After searching and viewing multiple houses straight from work, on weekends, joy rides around specific neighborhood and looking for open houses; you found you’re “DREAM HOUSE”.   THIS IS IT!! You’re so excited and asked the Realtor ® to submit an offer. Wait, how much will be my offer?   Is it too much or too low?   Oh Lord, now you are confused and stressed out. I always tell my clients, buying a home should be a pleasing and rewarding experience.   It should not be like a battlefield where you don’t trust anybody and feels like fighting from the numbers and all parties involved.   That’s why you have a Realtor ® and trusted lender to walk you through the process.   Leave the stress and worries to them.   They are professionals and know how to deal with these situations.   What I always do before I suggest an offer price to my clients; I orient them with the factors to consider before putting those numbers on the paper.   In this case both of you


BUYING HOME 101      “Hi!   I saw this house for sale that I really love and I would like to put an offer, can you help me out?”   When I get these types of calls during first year in Real Estate, I jumped for joy!   Wow! It’s going to be easy, all I need is to write an offer on the buyer’s behalf and the rest will follow.   Well, wishful thinking and you have to be careful.   Even if you buy in cash; buying a house needs a lot of preparation and it’s a process.   Unless you are a professional investor who knows real estate in and out, then you should be fine.      First thing first:   Most of us need financing.   Take care of your credit report and history for at least three years; better yet, since you stepped in American soil. You have a stable job, been here in the US and filed Income Tax Returns for at least two consecutive years.   Those are the basic and a professional loan officer or bank will help you out in case you have special cases.   Try to save as much as possib