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HOME BUYERS AND SELLERS BEWARE!!!! Buying and selling your home is not just an event.  It’s a process, and with this process you have to watch your back, be very vigilant and careful not to trust anyone unless you know them and have proven record they are really in the business and directly involved in the process of buying and/or selling your home. BEWARE!! I just received a call from my daughter who just purchased her house few weeks ago.  Her friend been in the same process of buying a home called her in panic and asking for help as they were about to settle in a house that they put an offer over a month ago.  They were at the settlement table and comes the moment that they need to give them a certified check for the down payment and closing costs.  Per buyers, funds have been wired a month ago.  Everybody looked at each other with that “who has it” look on their faces.  Nobody has it.  After few questions, they learned that buyers received an email instructing them to wire the