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View Full Article Here Most homebuyers and sellers utilized the internet on simplest purchase even on home buying and selling process. Tons of information out there and sometimes you think there is no need for professionals to help you. One of my pet peeves is when someone thinks a real estate professional’s job is to find a home for you and go to closing. Then get that hefty commission at closing. Another one is when builders tell clients that they get more price reduction if there is no real estate professionals involve. The job is not as simple as that. There’s a lot more behind the scenes before you go to the settlement table. Like when you are watching a movie and what you see is how good or bad the movie is. You do not realize that a specific scene may take hours or days of hard work by the staff.   As a home-buyer and seller you have to make sure you are well protected in your most precious and important purchase in your life. The job is a team work among brokers, r