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Be Smart and Creative When Buying/Selling Your Home

BE SMART AND CREATIVE If you are buying or selling your home recently, you probably have noticed the uncertainties in the market.   Is it a good time to buy or even sell?   Well, you must have a very good and aggressive agent on both sides; but you have to be smart as well and willing to suggest or cooperate with your Realtor ®.    I, myself have difficulties adjusting to this surprisingly turn of trend no matter what the situation is.   Regardless of our friends and families’ advice; it’s teamwork between you and your Realtor®. Looks like short sales nowadays are easy to sell in the market but of course takes too long.   But it’s all worth the wait if short sale is successful.   Standard sales looks like there are lots of inventories out there and snail motion kind of thing.   This means reduce prices and just accept the first offer that comes in.   Not an ideal scenario for you.   Once your house is entered in MRIS (agents listing system); it is automatically downloaded