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Sellers Need to Know

Unless it is a short sale or you have a foreclosure notice, selling a home should not be a next-day deal. It requires preparation maybe months; even a year or more than that. This is to make sure you get the best updated market trends and the home is ready from top to bottom. To be the best property in the block is your goal, to get the most dollars from your home. First and foremost: get a real estate agent that you trust. AGAIN, YOU TRUST!! Best bet is a referral from your friends and family as they worked with them and got the first-hand experience. Look at their reviews on Zillow, Yelp and other online reviews so you have an idea who you are dealing with. Let me tell you a story: I once had a client referred to me by a previous client. We had meetings; I answered all their questions and concerns then we proceeded to preparing their home for sale. Suggesting what needs to be done as to renovations, etc. I visited multiple t