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Real Deal: Open House Sunday

Real Deal: Open House Sunday By Jocelyn P. Porteria, Realtor We hardly see open house signs nowadays but there are still some out there. Social media has taken over traditional house showings and open houses because searches are available online wherever you are. Buyers and sellers can do their own research and most times they think they are savvier than real estate agents. Well, that’s where non-licensed buyers and sellers are wrong because there’s more than meets the eye. It’s called years of professional experience. It’s true that some Realtors ® don’t do open houses anymore because information is readily available online. Though I tend to somewhat agree with that notion, realtors and clients alike should not underestimate the value of creating personal relationships and interaction. The fact is social media has helped in streamlining house searches. When buyers call me, they have already researched online pinpointing the exact locati