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Most homeowners think their home is the most expensive and the most beautiful in the neighborhood. It is because they are emotionally attached to it aside from the work they’ve done like repairs, remodeling and renovations. That may be true but in the eyes of the buyers, the assessments and the appraisal will speak for themselves. They have control over the actual value of your home. Preparing your home for sale most of the time requires a long process and preparation on a case to case basis. For example, your home is just five years old and there is no need for an upgrade but just a fresh coat of paint and maybe a change of carpet. You may have a home that you lived in for years until the kids grew up and it is now an empty nest; that’s a lot of work unless you will sell it “AS IS” but of course you have to expect a lower price than the fair market value in the neighborhood. When I go meet potential home sellers, some of them tell me what sales price they want on their home. Yo