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MARAMING SALAMAT!! Pwede po ba akong magsulat ng column sa Manila Mail about Real Estate, kasi po many of our kababayans are having difficulties with the present real estate situations.  Yung column ko po might help them. (Can I write a column in Manila Mail about Real Estate given the present market situation so that would help our fellow Filipinos)?  That was my first conversation with Tito Bert when I decided to write for Manila Mail at the height of Real Estate market chaos.  It was sometimes in Sept. of 2008, right after I quit my full time job and ready to do full time business of my own. I submitted my first article and I passed Tito Bert’s standards.  From that time, I have to spend at least two hours twice a month to submit my article even when I’m on vacation.  I missed some issues due to internet access problems when I was overseas.  I tried my best not to miss any issue believe me.  From that time, a lot of Filipinos call me asking questions from simple to complex is


YES, THERE ARE STILL SHORT SALES Yes, there are still short sales and foreclosures. As a member of the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors, we are always required to attend important classes especially on issues that affect the public on home ownership.  Although short sales and foreclosure are issues which have been lingering for the past seven years, there are still homeowners who choose to ignore it. Last April was my last short sale that I settled with the lender.  I thought I’m done because of real estate market stability we have right now.  Just a month ago, I had four listing appointments and all short sales.  What is going on?  Reality check, there are still a lot of homeowners who were not able to bounce back on their equities.  They used to be in ARM (Adjusted Rate Mortgage) or with loan modification for up to 5 years and now back to previous interest rate.  Now, they don’t have a choice but to do short sales.  The key is to come out and seek for help as soon as


THE ART OF NEGOTIATIONS      “You don’t get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate.”   In today’s competitive business environment, being skilled negotiator is more important than ever aside from being skilled at what you do best.   Negotiation is an art that you can use every day in your life be it personally or professionally.   Once you learn this art especially in Real Estate, you’ll have fun with it.         I just attended a course to be a Certified Real Estate negotiator last month.   It’s a three part class and 16 hours each.   I have been doing negotiations for years since I started my Real Estate career in 2006 especially during the height of short sales when you think of almost impossible transactions and countless negotiations with the banks and lenders.   I never rest on my laurels and always strive for improvement to hone my craft regardless.   You always have to learn something new and be a master; it’s been my professional goal in order to succeed.   Most