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Mortgage loans – Manila Mail US

There’s a lot of mortgage loans out there!! Find the best one for you. There are few most common mortgage loans nowadays that buyers avail based on their qualifications and affordability. Be careful in choosing your best options as to your qualifications and what you can truly afford.   Most of my potential buyers of course opt for no down payment at all. However; there are certain guidelines and rules that you have to be qualified and limited sales price compared to other types with certain percentage of down payment. You need to balance what is more important to you. The no down payment loans are the following: VA loan – straightforward loan but you must be a Veteran to be qualified. VHDA Loan FHA Plus- this is zero down payments technically as no money out of your pocket for the down payment; however the customary 3.5% to 5% down payment will be provided and considered a second loan. The qualification based on credit scores is a little bit higher compared to other